N41 Apparel Erp System Can Help You Save Time And Money While Growing Your Business

How to choose the Best Apparel ERP Software Solution on the market.

The Fashion / Apparel Industry is a very wide industry with a variety of business types such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. One thing that is consistent across the industry is that the item produced is made in different sizes, styles, and colors and needs to be organized and tracked. 

While this has always been a challenge, apparel companies and brands face a bigger challenge as the advent of technology like E-commerce, mobile commerce, and the “Amazon Effect” are felt across all areas of retail and fashion. Retailers especially are constantly under pressure by the consumer to offer similar e-commerce and fulfillment services and it’s certainly no easy feat being able to fulfill while remaining profitable.

In addition to the challenge of consumerism as mentioned above, Fashion retailers and brands are in a constant fray with the volatile issue of “seasonality” – having to ramp up inventories and then deplete them in a time-sensitive manner. This would require apparel retailers and garment manufacturers to need Inventory Management and Supply Chain Management, and an Inventory System that looks after the style, size, and color of each item. To handle such tasks effortlessly, N41 offers a leading apparel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software solution. 

Designed by a team of multiple professions with over a decade of apparel experience, N41 has put together a versatile, yet robust all-in-one system which provides not only ERP and PLM but Tradeshow, Mobile App, E-commerce website, Showroom, EDI functionality and much more.

N41′s Apparel ERP All-In-One System is full of advanced and innovative features. Some of these include:

  • Built in credit card processing
  • Integrated UPS API and automated invoice process
  • Accurate inventory with automated order entry
  • Real-time inventory auto-sync with N41 Mobile App
  • Built-in automated email request forms
  • Integrated E-commerce website with automated synchronization
  • And many more!  Check out more features and modules

From startup companies with under 5 users to multi-brand enterprises with over 500 employees, N41 works with any size business in the apparel industry. When choosing an ERP Solution, you must ultimately decide which system is best for your business. From experience, design, scalability, innovation, features, and support, we believe the best solution for any garment or apparel business is N41 Apparel ERP! N41 is all you need!

See the wireless, effortless iPod Order Entry system in-action on the show floor at MAGIC! Contact Sal at sales@n41.com, or click here to schedule a software demo.

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