N41 Tradeshow Clothing Inventory Mobile App

The quickest order taking App available in the market.

N41 Mobile App was Developed for Tradeshows

N41 Mobile App was developed for tradeshows and showrooms who depend on critical turnaround times and high-volume ordering in mind.

N41 provides the quickest order taking App available in the market. There is no longer a need to move the samples to the register. You can scan it at the rack. It enables you to utilize the floor space for the samples and buyers, not for the computers.

N41 mobile tradeshow module provides real-time inventory by remotely replicating with your main N41 database. Orders placed at the show are synchronized with your warehouse so orders can be processed immediately.

Check Live Inventory
Sold Out Warning
Capture Credit Card with Safe Encryption
Database Replication Enables Same Day Shipping


N41 provides the quickest order taking Mobile App available in the market with it's iPod Order Entry System.

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How to manage fashion apparel inventory effectively?

Managing fashion apparel inventory effectively requires a system that can track and sync the stock levels, the sales, the orders, and the shipments across multiple channels and locations. N41 ERP Software offers an all-in-one, comprehensive system that includes real-time inventory tracking, an ERP system, a mobile app, an eCommerce site, PLM integration, EDI, and so much more.

What are the benefits of using a clothing inventory app?

Using a clothing inventory app can bring many benefits to a fashion business, such as, saving time and money by automating tasks and reducing manual work, improving accuracy and efficiency by eliminating errors and delays, and enhancing customer satisfaction by offering faster delivery and better service.

How to choose the right clothing inventory software for your business?

Choosing the right clothing inventory software for your business depends on your specific needs, goals, and budget. However, some of the general steps that you can follow are; identify your pain points and challenges in managing your inventory, define your requirements and expectations from the software, research and compare different options based on their features, pricing, reviews, and ratings.

What are the features of a good clothing inventory app?

A good clothing inventory app should have features that can help you manage your inventory effectively and efficiently. Some of the essential features are; inventory tracking and syncing across multiple channels and locations, barcode generation and scanning for easy identification and verification, purchase order creation and management for easy replenishment, kitting and bundling for creating sets of products.