How N41 All-in-one Apparel ERP Solution Sets The Pace In Today’s Multi-channel & Digital World

How N41 All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution sets the pace in today’s multi-channel & digital world

In a marketplace where the physical inventory and digital business applications are converging at exponential levels, meeting customer demand anytime, anywhere, is a priority. Now that MAGIC announced its yearly fall fashion trade show held in Las Vegas is going virtual with a digital marketplace, an online and e-commerce presence is even more imperative in this new pandemic environment.

N41 is the all-in-one Apparel ERP software solution for the apparel industry. Robust and powerful, the system can be adapted to meet unique manufacturing, import, or distribution requirements by any sized wholesaler. Additional versatile and innovative features such as Integrated UPS and FedEx, Automated Invoice / Payment, Shipping, Scan & Pack, Inventory Management, Easy Data Entry & Validation, Easy & Secure Data Access, Centralized Control for Multi-brand/ Divisions, and more make up the powerful core ERP system.

Expand your reach online through N41 connected e-commerce website for wholesale or retail. Retailer customers can log in and check your new styles along with their availability and place an order immediately. Information on the website is managed and published from the N41 ERP system. Style information won’t be entered twice. Inventory and availability are synchronized 100% in real-time. When a style is no longer available in N41, it is automatically flagged as “sold-out” on the website.

When your visceral, tactile world of clothing, shoes, and divine designs crosses paths with the necessity of charging clientele, tracking package flow, and managing your digital part of the pie, N41 Apparel ERP is the all-in-one solution for your brand or business.

With a quick DEMO, you’ll experience the intuitive and clean visual display that the N41 Apparel ERP software offers instantly. Our powerful yet flexible software features and functions work with any size business — from a startup with only 3 users to an enterprise with 500.

N41 has the highest customer retention rate of 99% for a reason. Want the fastest return on your investment? Maximize ROI with an all-in-one Apparel ERP system from N41.

· Versatile & Scalable
· Automated & Accurate
· Superior Support backed by Developers
· Innovative New Features

The fashion world and selling apparel at an efficient clip are sometimes at odds, so choosing the right business management software is crucial. One misstep and that dream client gets frustrated, or worse, you and your internal team are spending attention on IT issues instead of your brand’s core work and vision. We invite you to schedule a demo to find out more about how we can help grow your business. Contact us today!

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