Maximize Profits: Retail Price Strategy With ERP Insights

Maximize Profits: Retail Price Strategy with ERP Insights

The retail industry is full of highs and lows, particularly with pricing. As such, getting your retail price strategy right is crucial. Price too low? You'll have sales but minimal profit. Price too high? You risk losing sales and permanently damaging your brand's reputation. Additionally, savvy competitors may capitalize on this, attracting loyal customers with better pricing. Therefore, finding the right balance is essential. N41 offers helpful tools and insights to master this balance, helping small businesses navigate their pricing…

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How ERP Financing Can Help The ROI Of Your Fashion Business

How ERP Financing Can Help the ROI of Your Fashion Business

The right ERP system and tools can lead to exponential gains while also mitigating the operational issues that hold many fashion businesses back. So, if you are looking for a fresh new way to improve your cash flow, reduce costs and increase profitability of your fashion business, it's time to think about investing in a financial program to finance all or part of your ERP software.  However, what can you do if you’re having a hard time coming up with…

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How To Optimize Your Fashion E-Commerce Inventory To Increase Sales

How to Optimize Your Fashion E-Commerce Inventory to Increase Sales

Do you want to make more money? If so, then optimizing your fashion e-commerce inventory is a must. There are plenty of ways to do it too, but it’s best to define business goals and concentrate on the basics and one optimization at a time. That way, you can do a few things superbly rather than doing a lot of things poorly. This guide outlines how to optimize your fashion e-commerce website and inventory to increase sales and earn a…

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