If you are not big enough to have your own IT team, N41 can help.
We provide optional IT service exclusively for our customers.

We provide the highest quality professional services at an affordable price by using a combination of our experienced IT engineers, network management tools and services; performed over the Internet, on-site or phone to provide troubleshooting, training, support & planning.

From managing single IT projects to providing ongoing maintenance and support, we offer an array of services to help businesses maximize technology and meet strategic goals. With a customized approach for every client, we have the resources to respond to urgent needs, assist with specific strategic projects, or provide proactive troubleshooting and infrastructure management. Our professional support team’s commitment and dedication will lead your business to be a leader of the industry, and just another example why we have over a 99% client retention rate.

Business Software Solutions That Make EDI Easy

Information Technology

Nouvolution strives to be the leading IT solution and services provider for small to medium size businesses where there are no or few dedicated IT staff. To achieve this goal, we are constantly improving the value of our services and focusing on making our customers more efficient, productive, and satisfied with their technology investments.

Hardware Infrastructure Deployment

  • Appropriate Devices & Design per business plan
  • Cost Effective Purchasing through “Preferred Accounts”
  • Server, Workstation, Printer, Software License, Network Equipment

Application Support

  • Microsoft Office Products
  • Barcode
  • Scanner
  • File management, etc.

System Administration & Maintenance

  • Data Server, Email Server, File Server, Terminal Server, Fax Server, etc
  • Antivirus, Server Monitoring, Complete Server or Database backup/restoration
  • Software License (OS, Backup, Antivirus, etc)
  • Backup Solutions – either in-house or online
  • Exchange E-mail Server – either in-house or by secured hosting


  • Network Security
  • Firewall, Switch, Remote Connection, VPN,
  • WAN and LAN solutions


  • The Microsoft Total Solution Financing Program allows you to:

    • Finance one or more parts of your solution for improved scalability
    • Take advantage of competitive rates
    • Use one resource for all your solution needs
    • Spread payments over an extended period of time
    • Preserve financial resources and improve cash flow
    • Balance project results with cash outflows

Web and e-Commerce Development

e-Commerce Development & Consulting

From our the past development of software & web applications, custom solutions become a natural specialty of ours. So much so that we have become a leader in the industry that we service. From simple one-page designs for e-Commerce to fully automated 500,000-plus product catalogs and enterprise level software solutions, we’ve been designing, developing and delivering some of the most innovative and comprehensive software solutions in many different fields.

Our commitment to excellence ensures your e-Commerce software solution will deliver a complete on-line experience — one that can be measured in orders and customer retention. An e-Commerce software application developed by Nouvolution is a complete and comprehensive solution that will help drive your e-Commerce business while we also provide Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services.

Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

Powerful and Reliable web hosting for personal and small to medium size business websites. It can be a perfect fit for a small or a medium size e-Commerce start up company. It is affordable, reliable, and fully redundant hosting plan that you can experience with powerful high performance 99.9% uptime and professional, friendly support.

E-Commerce Hosting

Sell your products or services with our e-Commerce plan what includes shopping cart solutions and a hosting plan together. As providing secure methods of accepting your customer’s major credit cards, you could expect better sales. We provide unlimited email accounts.

Semi-dedicated Hosting – We provide powerful, reliable semi-dedicated servers and superior bandwidth. This fully managed, semi-dedicated hosting plan offers the most stable, secure, and powerful performance with 90% less users than our shared hosting servers.

Dedicated Server

High performance and 100% fully managed by experienced and professional IT engineers. These dedicated servers are perfect for any size business. High performance, fully redundant, and reliable servers to meet and exceed your business needs. There four dedicated server plans: Dedicated Entry, Dedicated Advanced, Dedicated Premium, and Dedicated Enterprise.  Check for availability by contacting one our sales associates for more details.

Electronic Data Interchange

Nouvolution makes EDI both Easy & Efficient!

Most apparel wholesalers find themselves with the single EDI option of outsourcing when it comes to dealing with department stores leaving them with unjustified exorbitant monthly costs to conduct their business. No longer does this have to be an issue as the N41 Apparel Software Suite is the only all-in-one software system that we know of which can offer a total embedded solution for your business; one that can schedule file transfers, transaction mapping, barcode label configurations, and so much more …

This all means that there is no more need to outsource this operation to those who would gouge you on a monthly basis as N41 allows you to eliminate this superfluous monthly expense altogether!

N41’s embedded transaction engine handles everything from 850, 856, 810, 997 and more.  It also audits every transaction which allows you to see your trading partner’s acknowledgements and eliminate 99.99% of all chargebacks.  And the best thing about it all – N41 SIMPLIFIES everything so that you can keep your EDI-based operations all in-house!

If you are currently outsourcing your EDI business or have done so in the past, calculate how many months or years you have been needlessly paying and how much.  You will quickly realize that this saved expenditure could pay for your installation of the entire N41 Apparel Software Suite (and then some).

Real-Time Online Backup

Online Backup for Windows

  • Fast and reliable incremental backups
  • Ability to backup database files and system state components
  • Mirroring of files/folders to maintain directory structure
  • Easy to use wizards for scheduling backups
  • Ability to restore earlier snapshots of files

Advanced patching technology that greatly reduces network bandwidth by transferring only portions of files that have changed. With Nouvolution’s online backup solution, both consumers and organizations of all sizes can have the same enterprise-class data protection that Fortune 500 companies use to safeguard their critical information at a fraction of the cost.

We provide all the standard features, such as scheduled backups, data compression, data encryption (on the server and in transit over the Internet), and incremental backups. It also provides some handy nonstandard features. For example, you can e-mail file attachments directly to your online storage, and you can configure an online drive to appear as a local drive. To upload and download files and folders, you either use our very intuitive online backup solution for Windows or one of three different browser-based methods offered.

Our online backup services include applications for interactive and automatic scheduling of backups with compression during transmission, incremental/full backups, advanced block level patching, encryption, synchronization, advanced logging and reporting, open file support for MS SQL Server and Exchange Backups and many more. With the Professional service plan(requires a separate signup), users can now have higher security with default encryption on storage and higher retention with versioning up to 30 versions.

Our latest online backup service uses Encryption of data file on transmission using 128-Bit SSL and Encryption of data files on storage using 128-Bit RC4 encryption, based on a user provided key.

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