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The N41 Apparel ERP All-in-one System offers any sized fashion brand or wholesaler a complete business and inventory management solution that can be adapted to meet unique manufacturing, import or distribution requirements. This powerful software package automates back-office processes, provides centralized control for multi-brand/divisions, and if necessary integrates with many other popular third party system programs which may already be in use. N41 ERP Software is built on a proven Microsoft platform that adapts to meet the unique and changing business needs in today’s fashion indstry. Please scroll down to review our innovative software features and modules.

Features of ERP Software System & Inventory Management

Easy Order Processing

N41 features easy order processing. In one screen you can see the entire list of customers.  You can highlight a customer to find out their open orders, what is ready to ship, and what’s on the pick ticket. Gone are the days of having to dig around in 4 different places to find the information you need. With our innovative interface you can find all the information you need to process the order in one complete hub. 

Eliminate “Packed & Declined Boxes” with built-in Credit Card processing

Prior to N41, many boxes would pile up and be set aside due to a declined credit card at the final step. There are many stages that occur before getting into this situation.  Items must be picked and packed, boxed with UPS labels, compile a freight ready invoice and more… only to come to a halt due to a declined credit card issue.  Now you are forced to void out the invoice and shipping labels, while the stacked boxes sit and wait for an uncertain future.  The extra layers of manual processing and labor inevitably expends more of your time and resources.  This is a costly and painful situation many apparel companies face.  N41 seeks to cut the fat off this excess and give back your resources with one easy click. 

With N41, we’ve revolutionized and eliminated those towering cartons of ghost stock with our built-in integrated credit card processing component. No more wasting time and resources preparing shipments that couldn’t be charged and shipped. This will help give you back up to 30% of your workforce to the warehouse as workers are not preparing orders with bad credit cards.  

Since the N41 revolution, credit card issues are identified at the frontline stage before boxes are packed. In the event there is a pre-authorization failure, the issue is resolved at the customer service level before proceeding.  This streamlines the process, maximizes your efficiency and eliminates ‘Packed and Declined Boxes.’ 

Integrated UPS API and Automated Invoice Process

N41 automates the invoice process to make shipping even faster and easier. One click is all it takes to get your invoice processed and sent with UPS.  Gone are the days of long and drawn out manually-created invoices, payments, applying payments, and printing invoices. 

This one click will talks to UPS online, get the freight and tracking numbers, print UPS labels, create the invoice with the freight and tracking number, charge the customer’s pre-authorized credit card, create and apply payments, and print/email paid invoices.  

This automates the entire process in seconds. Just imagine what possibilities are left with all the time saved by N41!  

Get automated!  No more unnecessary manual entry.  N41…truly REVOLUTIONARY! 

Feature Rich Programming of N41 ERP


    • Quick AR and History reports with drill down
    • Quick Customer status on screen display
    • Customer notes
    • Multiple DC & Stores
    • Save encrypted Customer’s Credit Card
    • Multiple Price Level & Discount Rate
    • Customer Priority for Allocation
    • Credit Info; Customer Credit Limit, Maximum aging date
    • Sales Rep1 & 2, Terms, Contact Info
    • Customer Type
    • Information used for “Order Entry Validation” and
  • Default sales order value population


    • Style Status for “Order Entry Validation” and “P.O. Entry Validation”
    • Easy “Add Color”, Duplicate Style
    • Direct Style history, availability, and Inventory reports with drill down
    • Easy image upload up to 2 images per style/color (Drag & Drop)
    • Quick Status on the screen
    • Time Sensitive Season for “Order Entry Validation”
    • Available Date for “Order Entry Validation”
    • Fabric Content for “Performa Invoice” and “Commercial Invoice”
    • “Re-Order level” and “Lead Time” for requirement/availability report
    • Division, Sub-Division, Group, Category, and Fabric Type for Report grouping
    • Projection/Forecast Quantity
    • Multi Price level
    • UPC/SKU generation for EDI Catalogue
  • Pre-Pack, Bundle option


  • Sales Order -> Allocation -> Pick Ticket -> Scan & Pack -> Shipment -> Invoice
  • Flexible and Robust Sales Order Processing
  • Sales Order Manager for easy order approval/allocation/pre-auth/Pick on one screen
  • Order Entry Validation per
  • Available to Sell, Season, Available date, Customer credit info, Style status
  • Easy Drop down entry
  • Embedded Credit Card pre-auth and charging
  • Auto Allocation
  • Able to assign different “Cancel Date” per line/item
  • Able to assign different “Cancel Reason” per line/item
  • Flexible Order Processing
  • Component/Material Required by Order
  • Back order & Re-Order Report
  • Editable Order Status & Order Type
  • Live Inventory Update
  • Return Authorization & Credit Memo
  • Shipping Group Assignment
  • Pre-Pack Function


  • Production Management
  • Task Manager for Production TNA
  • Multi Locations/Stages Processing
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue Wizard; automatically calculate required qty and percentage
  • PO/Cut Ticket Issue directly from Sales Order
  • Able to assign Multi Vendors for single PO/Cut Ticket
  • Component/material “Pull Sheet” per default Cost Sheet/BOM
  • Component/material Quantity Actualization; Generate “Actualized Average Cost”
  • Live Inventory Update of Finished Good and Component/material
  • Multi Color Dye Process (PFD) and Unwashed goods; Change colors during the process
  • Damage Reason and Damage Inventory Control


  • Multi Location
  • Contractor’s WIP Report
  • Populate default PO/Cut Ticket
  • Contact Info


  • Cost Sheet/Bill of Material by size
  • Multiple Cost Sheet for same style/color with date range
  • BOM Actualization for updating material inventory & Actual Cost.
  • PFD and Unwashed finished goods as component/material
  • PFD required & Dye Reports
  • Populate “Requirement” report
  • Populate “Pull Sheet” & BOM (Bill of Material) on P.O./Cut Ticket
  • Separating “Component used for all colors” and “used for a specific color”
  • Percentage overhead calculation


  • Component/Materials per size
  • Multi Price per Vendor
  • Vendor Style/Color name
  • “Re-Order level” and “Lead Time” for requirement/availability report
  • Easy “Add Color” and Duplicate
  • Quick Status report on the screen
  • Division, Sub-Division, Group, Category, and Fabric Type for Report grouping


  • Full Accounting Receivable
  • Invoice, Credit Memo, Payment Posting, AR Adjustment
  • Payment Report per account
  • Invoice Due Date population according to Term and Payment Type
  • CIT and Merchant Bank EDI for “Credit Request” and “Credit Approval”
  • Consolidated Invoice function
  • Sales Rep Commission Calculation per Invoice and Payment
  • Gross margin per “Default Cost Sheet” and “Actualized Average Cost”
  • Inventory Value per Warehouse for Finished Good and Component/material
  • Inventory Activity Report per type
  • Account Activity Report; Invoice, CM per Factor, Non-Factor for month
  • WIP(Work In Progress) Value Report


  • Scan & Pack with quantity validation
  • Print Content Label & UCC128 label on scanning stations
  • System Generated Bill of Lading
  • Create “Pack/Shipment” automatically when Scan is done
  • Box Dimension for UPS and EDI
  • UPS Link


  • 850 (Purchase Order), 856 (Advanced Shipment Notice), 810 (Invoice), 997 (Functional Acknowledgement), 860 (PO Change), 855 (Credit Request/Credit Decision), 832 (UPC Catalog)
  • Embedded File Transfer through FTP
  • Batch Job scheduler for Sending/Receiving EDI files automatically
  • Easy EDI document tracking with 997 (FA) logging
  • UCC128 Shipping Label
  • UPC Sticker/Hang Tag Printing
  • System Generated BOL (Bill of Lading)


  • Drill Down Reports
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Custom rules
  • “Dummy Proof” data entry with drop down menu
  • Easy “Find” & “Search”
  • Customizable Reports with Filter and Sort
  • Save Filter and Sort
  • Excel Export keeping same format and layout
  • Direct <Add New> Code setup access
  • Enhanced user security and audit trail
  • My favorite reports & menu

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