How N41 All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution Sets The Pace In Today’s Multi-channel & Digital World

How N41 All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution sets the pace in today’s multi-channel & digital world

In a marketplace where the physical inventory and digital business applications are converging at exponential levels, meeting customer demand anytime, anywhere, is a priority. Now that MAGIC announced its yearly fall fashion trade show held in Las Vegas is going virtual with a digital marketplace, an online and e-commerce presence is even more imperative in this new pandemic environment. N41 is the all-in-one Apparel ERP software solution for the apparel industry. Robust and powerful, the system can be adapted to meet unique manufacturing,…

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How To Choose The Best Apparel ERP Software Solution On The Market.

How to choose the Best Apparel ERP Software Solution on the market.

The Fashion / Apparel Industry is a very wide industry with a variety of business types such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. One thing that is consistent across the industry is that the item produced is made in different sizes, styles, and colors and needs to be organized and tracked.  While this has always been a challenge, apparel companies and brands face a bigger challenge as the advent of technology like E-commerce, mobile commerce, and the “Amazon Effect” are…

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