What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning software system can be defined as a system that streamlines your company’s processes to maximize output and minimize costs. In brief, an ERP system is essentially a software program that manages your entire business in one place. Having all of the information compiled into one source makes it much easier to track and manage everything from sales numbers to inventory management. In fact, many companies use an ERP system for this very purpose.

How does ERP work?

ERP systems helps integrate business processes that were formerly separate. Such as making a transaction and with ERP it now goes into its’ system where inventory is tracked and sales are managed.

What is ERP and its types?

There are 3 types of ERP systems:  cloud ERP, on-premise ERP, and hybrid ERP.

Who uses ERP?

ERP systems are commonly used among supply chains. From manufacturing to distribution, ERPs help keep track of all the moving parts.

What’s the difference between ERP and CRM?

While ERP and CRM overlap in business profitability, ERPs are focused on financial data and order entries while CRMs are focused on customer data used by customer service and sales departments.

What’s the difference between ERP and financials?

ERPs focus on financial data, order processing and reporting while financials are strictly financials of the organization, profit and loss.

What is the business value of an ERP?

The business value of an ERP is that you keep track of everything. Everything falls into one place: the ERP. You know exactly what is coming in and going out. The value of it is good because if you lose track of inventory and financials, you could lose money.

Why is an ERP used?

An ERP is used to increase organizational efficiency. It helps organize financials, inventory, purchasing and more.

Why choose N41?

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Who is N41?

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Where is N41 based?

N41 is located at: N41 Headquarter 2250 Maple Ave Los Angeles, CA 90011

How to contact N41?

You can contact N41 by phone at (213) 738‐1010 or by email at support@n41.com