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N41′s innovative features and superior support is what separates us from the competition.
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Designed by Industry Expertise

We are a team with over a decade of apparel experience with multiple professional backgrounds. N41 continues to listen to its customers and their evolving needs. We take pride in understanding and learning from our clients. Most of N41’s popular features are the result of addressing actual industry challenges our customers have faced.

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Versatile & Scalable

N41 Apparel ERP system provides the power and control of customization capability, a flexible framework, and a more personalized workflow experience back to you. Historically, ERP systems offered on the market are one-size-fits-all. These systems offer zero customization capability and are locked into a singular immovable framework. N41’s ERP software offers not just this singular framework style but a sandbox of versatile and scalable options. We give you the tools to maximize your output on the scale you want to and how you want to because you deserve it.

N41 is continuously listening to its customers and their evolving needs. We understand with any business there will always be many ways to approach a new situation. We take pride in providing previously unknown workflows directly to the forefront of the decision-makers.  

Apparel Software, Fashion Software, Apparel Erp, Fashion Erp
Apparel Software, Fashion Software, Apparel Erp, Fashion Erp

Modular Design with single source code

N41 hosts a modular design with a single source code. N41’s team will work with your business to consult and develop a plan using our customizable solutions-based software to analyze and find the model that works specifically for you.  Our team will pair your needs with our system’s modular functionality that consists of administrative-friendly and tangible tools that can be changed and moved around rapidly with ease.

Highest Customer Retention Rate

Our company prides itself in its dedication and happiness of the customers we serve. Customers are not only satisfied initially but consistently. We have the highest customer retention level in our field.  We excel because we invest in our customers.  We offer an intensive multi-level line of support the entire life of service. We’ve got a 98% track record.

Rapid Implementation

N41’s modular software design enables the capability of rapid implementation and configurability. Each module can be separately configured with system on and off switches without needing an additional layer of programming.  It invites the customer to configure and customize using our customer acclaimed solutions-based system to meet the rapidly changing day-to-day operation needs. 

N41 is a leading apparel ERP and PLM software solution provider with innovative features and services.

Innovative Features

N41 understands not just the basic core functions of a fashion apparel ERP solution but takes pride in offering features that are direct results of our devotion to the needs of the businesses and brands we serve. We have developed specialized options that our customers have found to revolutionize the processes that other systems simply can’t replicate.

Let us pull back the curtains to the world of possibilities waiting to make your everyday tasks much easier.


The All-IN-ONE System

N41 is an all-in-one system that includes ERP, Tradeshow, Mobile App, E-commerce website, Showroom, PLM Integration, EDI, and much more.

N41 showcases a completely specialized system which includes many customizable add-on features to meet the needs – whether simplistic or complex queries – of the apparel business marketer. We cater to the needs of the standard ERP seeker as well as the in-the-trenches Tradeshow and Showroom professional, the constantly mobile active sales rep, the steadfast virtual E-commerce shop, designer conscientious PLM, and embedded EDI capability to better meet the needs of department store business. Each module works separately or in conjunction with it’s movable and scalable parts to give a fully customized and integrated experience unique to each and every business that uses our product.

There are many different apparel business types – small start-ups with 5 users vs multi-brand enterprises with 500 users; import production vs domestic production; tradeshow focused vs EDI focused. We have every feature you need no matter who you are.

Superior support

As opposed to our competition, N41 doesn’t just give you an award-winning product and walk away.  We pride ourselves in not only being a software company but also being an extensive and adaptable solutions provider.  We value your business and input completely and want you to know just how much. We use it to make our product even better.

N41 extends unparalleled and multi-layered support to our customers. Our product is entirely tailored and catered to the ever-evolving business manager. We pride ourselves on being customer attentive and open to expanding to better serve. We offer assistance for your situational-specific needs with support from baseline to major development queries and conundrums.

N41 provides many resources to assist our customers including tutorial videos, how-to manuals, knowledge-based specific information and more.

Our superior support is a major part of the reason why we have such a high level of retention and sets us miles ahead of the rest.

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