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Helpful training and featured demo videos of N41 Apparel ERP Software


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Scan & Pack

N41 offers scanners that print out labels seamlessly. As seen in the video, our tracking system makes it easy to scan, print and post a label on each package. No more worrying about missing items or disorganization. N41 is your solution to all your inventory tracking needs.

Mobile Physical Inventory

Mobile Physical Inventory with N41 provides accurate real-time inventory levels to all departments. It makes inventory management quite easy when you have all of N41s inventory management systems in place. Step 1 is to scan your bin location. Step 2 is to scan your physical inventory count and step 3 is to confirm your totals. We have a streamlined barcode entry process, with the latest in RFID technology. Never touch a keyboard again, and contact N41 for all of your apparel inventory management system needs.

Integrated Electronic Payment Processing

N41’s integrated electronic payment processing system will save your business time and money. Our integrated credit card processing application is an automated process that makes it simple and hassle-free. You can also deposit checks and process payments through your smartphone! Watch this video to learn more about our credit card processing systems!



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