N41 Apparel ERP Reveals It’s On A Growth Plan With The Acquisition Of 35 Clients And New Hires
N41 Apparel ERP reveals it’s on a growth plan with the acquisition of 35 clients and new hires

ERP Solution Providers & The Versatility of Mind

With so much riding on speed and efficiency to generate revenue, it’s not surprising that brands (of all sizes!) need a robust solution to manage their entire operation and sales extensively. The problem is that the business involves complex communication, inventory is continuously shifting, and fulfilling orders requires time.

N41 is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, designed to solve these problems. It manages a fast-moving apparel operation of any size. Automate fulfillment so brands can spend time doing what they love — creating and serving their clients. N41 tools are designed to save time, boost productivity, and increase revenue as brands quicken the flow of business.

We caught up with N41 in its Los Angeles headquarters to talk about its unique platform, currently on a path of growth. In the past 18 months, 35 brands chose N41. Also, the company appointed industry ERP expert Sal Minicucci to the role of vice president of sales.

“Superior customer support, modular design for versatility, and innovation” are N41’s three core beliefs, according to Kyehan Kim, co-founder and co-CEO. A key reason a brand changes its ERP is because of lack of support.

“We believe it’s important to be there for our clients with the best support,” Kim said. “We always add new modules that brands love. We believe these are the reasons we have over a 99% client retention rate.”

What makes N41 stand out are its seamless, integrated modules that let brands shift with ease, sculpt and bend, not be confined to one-format as their business model evolves. Brands rely on the software to process quickly and scale to their growth. Alternatively, a brand would have to hire more people.

“The more tasks you can automate,” Minicucci said, “the less you need to scramble to keep up, and the faster you can charge for payment.”

What are N41’s unique features?
N41 “processes orders in under one minute,” Kim continued. “Brands love this.”

N41 secures payment first, so a warehouse only picks real orders. Inventory allotment discrepancies and decline boxes are eliminated. Reports and alerts are built-in, such as best and worst sellers, inventory status and production/shipping timelines.

“Our iPod Order Entry system is wireless, effortless, and paperless,” Minicucci explained. “We hear from our clients [that] they love it because it accelerates the order taking process on the trade show floor and showrooms.”

Also included are credit card processing, e-commerce integration, EDI, and the ability to create custom line sheets in 90 seconds.

What’s next for N41?
The company is continually releasing tools to remain current with the evolving requirements of the fashion apparel industry, Kim explained. As a result, more than 150 brands use N41’s software, including XCVI, Love Stitch, Agave Denim, Lush and Jovani.

“Twice a year, we head to MAGIC to support our customers on the trade show floor to ensure they are maximizing the efficiencies,” said Kim. “We like to grow with our brands.”

Originally published in Fashion Mannuscript, September Issue

All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution
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