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N41 is a leading apparel and fashion ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution provider with innovative features and services.

Our company’s foundation was built upon extensive apparel industry expertise which allows us to service fashion brands, manufacturers, and wholesalers worldwide with superior business management solutions. We have a proven track record of successful implementations due to our superior service and support. We are experts in the business of technology that drives fashion apparel. If you are interested in learning how our N41 Apparel ERP All-In-One system can empower your business, continue to browse through our site or simply click the request demo button below.

We had modular design and versatility of mind when we first designed N41 to grow your company.  We can turn on a switch or off a switch, and N41 can behave differently, for each client. We have a few 100 of these switches. That makes N41 Apparel ERP very versatile and scalable, and the reason we have a 99% client retention rate.   –Kyehan Kim, Founder


Why Choose N41 Apparel ERP Software? N41 IS ALL YOU NEED!

All-in-One system with Versatile and Scalable Features

N41 Apparel ERP is an All-In-One system that includes ERP, Tradeshow Mobile App, E-commerce website, Showroom, EDI, PLM integration and much more.

There are many different apparel business types – small start-ups with 5 users vs multi-brand enterprises with 500 users; import production vs domestic production; tradeshow focused vs EDI focused. We have every feature you need no matter who you are. Our N41 Apparel ERP All-In-One system is all you need to grow & run your business!

N41’s innovative features and superior support sets us apart from our competition. 


N41 Mobile App for Tradeshows & Showrooms

N41 provides the quickest order taking App available in the market. There is no longer a need to move the samples to the register. You can scan it at the rack. It enables you to utilize the floor space for the samples and buyers, not for the lines of laptops.

N41 mobile tradeshow module provides real-time inventory by remotely replicating with your main N41 database. Orders placed at the show are synchronized with your warehouse so orders can be processed immediately.

N41 Mobile App The quickest order taking App available in the apparel industry.
We are a leading apparel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software solution provider with innovative features and services.

Innovative Features

N41 understands not just basic core functions of apparel ERP but takes pride in offering features that are direct results of our devotion to the needs of the businesses we serve. We have developed specialized options that our customers have found to revolutionize the processes that other systems simply can’t replicate.

Let us pull back the curtains to the world of possibilities awaiting to make your everyday easier.


E-Commerce Website For Wholesale & Retail

Expand your reach online and full power of our ERP system through an N41 connected B2B and/or B2C e-commerce website. 

Items, Inventory, customers, and orders are automatically synchronized between the website and N41 Apparel ERP Software. No more double entry, no more inaccuracies.

N41 Apparel ERP e-commerce module works with existing retail / online stores and integrates with a variety of eCommerce systems including Magento, Shopify, Joor, and FashionGo.

N41’s Innovative Features And Superior Support Sets Us Apart From Our Competition.

Words of Love and Support...

Listen to what our clients have to say about N41 Apparel & Fashion ERP Software at the WWD Magic Show Las Vegas!

We were looking for a solution that would not only help us to manage inventory efficiently but also in tracking down sales orders along with seamless integration of 3rd party billing apps.  N41 came as a surprise for us! Their highly talented technical team took us through a demo walk-through of their ERP software and suggested few custom integrations that has proven beneficial for our business.


As a long-term player in the industry, we have had quite an experience on many inventory management ERP’s. N41 proved to stand better than all these software with its unique qualities of custom design, wide range of features that supports eCommerce platforms and more importantly, its highly supportive technical team readily available either through phone or remote login service.


We were losing a lot of time in managing our data between different platforms and were looking for a solution that would help us to make this data flow easier. We needed to use our resources in other important business improving areas.  When we came across N41, though we had our doubts we took their demo. Today, our data management has improved by 16% and we are able to utilize our resources on other areas of our business targeting faster growth. Thanks to N41!


Listen to what our clients have to say about N41 Apparel & Fashion ERP Software at the WWD Magic Show Las Vegas!

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