What Is EDI And What Are The Benefits?

What is EDI and What are the Benefits?

Companies have been trying to find a way to eliminate the inherent problems associated with their paper-intensive commercial transactions for decades. From profit-killing delays to budget inflating inaccuracies and soaring labor costs, paper transactions are too sluggish and not adaptable enough to keep up with the needs of the rapid-fire succession of the digital age. Today, consumers and business partners demand that things to be done instantly and securely. If a business doesn’t comply or respond quickly enough, their competitors…

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How To Manage An Online Apparel Store Effectively

How to Manage an Online Apparel Store Effectively

Setting up an online apparel store is easy once you’ve pinned down what clothing you’re going to retail and how. Then, all that’s left is for you to do is establish your brand and manage the day-to-day operations. You may be wondering how to do that, and we’ve got you covered. Whether you are on Day 1 or have been operating for quite some time, the following guide will help you manage the effectiveness of your online apparel store. Use…

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How E-Commerce And An ERP System Work Together To Enhance Your business

How E-Commerce and an ERP system work together to enhance your business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is not just for onsite or an internal company system and operations. Integrating your ERP solution with your e-commerce can make managing your B2C or B2B efforts simpler and more reliable, through automation and real-time updates. If you sell products online, using ERP for retail business can help you manage your revenue streams more efficiently and effectively. Inventory Levels One of the most frustrating aspects of online commerce for both businesses and customers is the inability…

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How N41 All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution Sets The Pace In Today’s Multi-channel & Digital World

How N41 All-In-One Apparel ERP Solution sets the pace in today’s multi-channel & digital world

In a marketplace where the physical inventory and digital business applications are converging at exponential levels, meeting customer demand anytime, anywhere, is a priority. Now that MAGIC announced its yearly fall fashion trade show held in Las Vegas is going virtual with a digital marketplace, an online and e-commerce presence is even more imperative in this new pandemic environment. N41 is the all-in-one Apparel ERP software solution for the apparel industry. Robust and powerful, the system can be adapted to meet unique manufacturing,…

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Making The Transition From Retail To ECommerce

Making the Transition from Retail to eCommerce

Uncertainty for brands and retailers continues. Already faced with the challenges of a global pandemic that led to a mandatory shut down of physical stores for months, many brands and retailers were hit with destructive looting and vandalism in major cities over the weekend just as the country started to allow businesses to reopen. While the destruction derives from a bigger social issue, given all that has recently occurred, now is the time to enhance and prioritize your eCommerce and…

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How To Choose The Best Apparel ERP Software Solution On The Market.

How to choose the Best Apparel ERP Software Solution on the market.

The Fashion / Apparel Industry is a very wide industry with a variety of business types such as retail, manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. One thing that is consistent across the industry is that the item produced is made in different sizes, styles, and colors and needs to be organized and tracked.  While this has always been a challenge, apparel companies and brands face a bigger challenge as the advent of technology like E-commerce, mobile commerce, and the “Amazon Effect” are…

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