What Does An ERP System Cost?

What Does an ERP System Cost?

Enterprise Resource Planning systems, or ERP systems, are an essential part of many businesses today. A lot can be said about the cost of ERP systems, but there is more to it than just the price tag. This article will discuss what you should know about ERP system costs and how they work with your business budget. We’ll also talk a little about ROI and some other benefits that come along with using one. Not sure what ERP is? Read…

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What Is Apparel ERP?

What is Apparel ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a system that connects with other systems to manage the day-to-day operations of an organization. ERP software provides company data in real-time, which allows companies to make better decisions and streamline processes. Apparel ERP has become very popular because it can do so much more than just inventory management software—it integrates into your business with ease and delivers valuable information on demand.  In this post, we'll discuss the uses of ERP in…

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What Is An ERP Software System?

What is an ERP Software System?

If you have been in the fashion business for a while, then you know that it is not as easy as it appears. There are many aspects of the industry to consider, including inventory management, customer service, marketing and sales.  One area of difficulty that often presents itself is managing all of your information from different sources, which is becoming more commonplace as we enter the era of IoT, AI, cloud-based systems and other more advanced technologies.  This is where…

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How IoT Connectivity Is Disrupting The Fashion Industry

How IoT Connectivity is Disrupting the Fashion Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the exciting idea that everything in the world could be connected through the internet and controlled over a network wirelessly. And, now, more than ever before, we see this come true. Additionally, Statista forecasts that the number of IoT devices worldwide is expected to almost triple from 8.74 billion last year to over 25.4 billion in 2030. Likewise, the escalating demand for IoT products is disrupting the fashion industry in numerous ways. This…

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10 Amazing Tips For Starting An Online Clothing Store

10 Amazing Tips for Starting an Online Clothing Store

So, you’ve been giving a lot of thought lately about starting an eCommmerce clothing business, eh? First, let us give you kudos because the world could always use more successful entrepreneurs. On the other hand, thinking about selling your attire online vs. actually knowing how to start an online apparel store is another matter entirely. If you don’t know what getting your clothing store business off the ground entails, not to worry; we’ve put together the following tips to help…

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Artificial Intelligence Impacts Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence Impacts Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence is reverberating throughout the fashion industry and changing the clothes in which we live in. Meanwhile, the emerging and rapidly evolving tech is a perfect accompaniment to the industry’s forward-thinking and cyclical nature. This post takes a look at intelligent design and ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the fashion industry for the better.  What is Intelligent Design? Both intelligent design (ID) and artificial intelligence (AI) fields address and utilize intelligence. Intelligent design addresses the information seen…

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The Rise Of 3D Printing In Fashion

The Rise of 3D Printing in Fashion

The benefits and rewards of 3D technology are making fashion designers sit up and take notice, leading to a considerable increase in interest and awareness. And as a result, 3D printing is being used throughout the spectrum of fashion.  For instance, emerging 3D fashion creations are being spotted on the runways in high-end fashion shows, while more low-end brands are featuring the looks, as well. Likewise, innovation and new techniques are being developed for 3D printed fashion all the time.…

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AR Poised To Connect Physical And Digital Retail In Fashion

AR Poised to Connect Physical and Digital Retail in Fashion

How many times have you gone to buy an outfit or a pair of shoes online, and once it arrived, it either didn’t fit or looked completely different from what was depicted in the images? Even if your answer is “not often,” you likely had to go through the hassle of returning the merchandise afterward. It’s enough to sour you on buying fashion online forever, and therein lies a problem as more brick and mortar retail outlets make the transition…

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PLM For The Fashion Industry

PLM for the Fashion Industry

Timing is crucial in the fashion business. Consumer preferences can be difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy, and they can take unexpected turns in the time a product takes to go from the drawing board to the factory floor. When production starts, a huge amount of new data must be gathered and analyzed. After comparing production figures and sales numbers with pre-launch projections, manufacturers can make adjustments and revise their rollout strategies. What is a PLM? Product lifecycle…

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What Is EDI And What Are The Benefits?

What is EDI and What are the Benefits?

Companies have been trying to find a way to eliminate the inherent problems associated with their paper-intensive commercial transactions for decades. From profit-killing delays to budget inflating inaccuracies and soaring labor costs, paper transactions are too sluggish and not adaptable enough to keep up with the needs of the rapid-fire succession of the digital age. Today, consumers and business partners demand that things to be done instantly and securely. If a business doesn’t comply or respond quickly enough, their competitors…

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