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Some of our clients that trust N41 Apparel ERP Software for their business needs. Our 99% client retention rate demonstrates our superior software and service.

Why do fashion brands rely on N41 ERP? The core of our N41 Apparel ERP All-In-One system is a complete package to manage all points of your enterprise, with seamlessly integrated modules that shape your business needs such as e-commerce B2B, tradeshow Shop-the-Floor, EDI, or accounting programs like Quickbooks. The power of a modular design system allows brands to shift with ease, sculpt and bend, while not being confined to one-format, as you make critical decisions for your brand, whether working with budget stores, boutiques or department stores. Scroll down below to check out some of our clients who trust N41 with their business.  Make N41 your own. 



We wish we had started scanning years ago (with the N41 tradeshow mobile app) but we may have chosen the wrong system!! Yesterday we could have gotten 15-20 more orders (at the MAGIC tradeshow). So glad we waited and found N41 Apparel ERP Software! From the whole Caroline Hill crew, thank you for all you did to get us up and running on N41!!!


N41 ERP’s cutting edge technology and its flexibility in handling multiple business operations have  resulted in greater efficiency by eliminating all the extra time consuming work we had to go through in managing our inventory.  As a growing company, this has made inventory management easier than ever for us there by helping us concentrate on providing better consumer experience for our clients.


As a long-term player in the industry, we have had quite an experience on many inventory management ERP’s. N41 proved to stand better than all these software with its unique qualities of custom design, wide range of features that supports eCommerce platforms and more importantly, its highly supportive technical team readily available either through phone or remote login service.


We were looking for a solution that would not only help us to manage inventory efficiently but also in tracking down sales orders along with seamless integration of 3rd party billing apps.  N41 came as a surprise for us! Their highly talented technical team took us through a demo walk-through of their ERP software and suggested few custom integrations that has proven beneficial for our business.


As a new startup company with budget constraints, we were looking for an apparel inventory management software that is both affordable and easy to understand by our staffs to use. N41 presented itself with a user-friendly interface that our staffs feel delighted to work with and its affordability has made N41 as our  no. 1 favorite apparel management software!


We were losing a lot of time in managing and exporting huge data from one platform to another. Hence, we were in look out for a solution that would help us in synchronizing these platforms and create an easier flow of data, thereby helping us use our resources in other important business improving areas. 

When we came across N41, though we had our doubts we took their demo. Today, our data management has improved by 16% and we are able to utilize our resources on other areas of our business targeting faster growth. Thanks to N41!


As someone new to online marketplace, we wanted a team that can build us a solid eCommerce website on a fully functional platform displaying our products and integrating them with payment gateways and other eCommerce solutions seamlessly. We were to lucky to find N41 which understood our goals, target market and designed a great looking eComemrce website keeping them in mind with a powerful back end to handle all the online orders we receive. This, has increased our yearly turnover by 7% and our brand recognition growth rate has improved by 23%.


N41 is really a powerful tool. If you cannot make use of this tool to cut down your order processing time and improve its efficiency, likely it will not happen with any other tool. They have a research department (unlike many other inventory management software) that keeps updating N41 software and its modules to give the best performance and maximum benefit for its users.  If you are looking for a tool that is in front of technology and has loads of features, N41 is my choice.


When we first started using N41, we looked at it as a solid primary inventory management software. The least we knew about their EDI that is super focused on handling huge no. of transactions effortless. When we got to know about it, we decided to give it a try. Their embedded transaction feature covers almost all kinds of transactions, audits them and avoids unnecessary chargebacks/refunds. It saved us a great deal of investment which we were paying for a third party team to perform. Now, we use that investment in growing our business vertically!


We decided to switch to N41 because our staffs were finding it difficult to use our previous apparel management software. N41’s UI is similar to Microsoft’s user interface. This familiarity helped our staffs in easy usage and handling of the software and other modules of the software. Now, we are able to put them in other business sections like customer handling, apparel selection, etc.,. Due to more time, thus maximizing on resource utilization.


N41’s mobile app has made it possible to keep track of my inventory, control and modify it even when I’m not at my warehouse/store.  It’s easily accessible using an iPhone and iPad that I can always carry it with me. As a small business owner who has to do most of the business work by myself, this app has saved me a great deal of time. Besides, its affordable too.


We could not have got a better solution! We are very happy to work with such talented and wonderful team of people.


When we first implemented N41, they came with never ending loads of features.  But, their training videos made it easy for us to understand and learn the usage procedure of the software for maximum efficiency. They are always no. 1 when it comes in offering awesome products and professional support.


We have used other ERP softwares before, but couldn’t find one that could work well for a company with a large design team. All other ERP solutions were focused on inventory management and data handling with least or no focus on apparel design. N41’s Product Lifecycle Management helped our design team to collaborate easily, create new products and track them using the same software. Clearly a WINNER!

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